How to Subscribe to Masjid Calendar


New Feature!

Now you can subscribe to Masjid Calendar on your computer, iPhone or Android phone.

Get timely reminders about Masjid activities on your phone and never miss another program.


1. Click on  Masjid Calendar.


 2. Next, you will see the Masjid's Google Calendar.  At the very bottom right of it, there will be a + Google Calendar button. Click on it. +Google Calendar Button

You will be asked to sign in to your Gmail account. 


3. This will take you to a new page where you will see a message:

calendar.google.com says:

You are trying to use the desktop version of Google Calendar from a mobile browser. Some features may not work correctly. Would you like to proceed to the desktop version anyway?

Cancel      OK

Click on OK.

You are almost done.


4. Now check your phone's calendar using your Calendar App.

To download Google Calendar

If you have an android phone like Samsung or HTC, click on the following link: 


 For iPhone users:



If you cannot see Masjid programs for the current month, open the Google Calendar app on your phone. On the top right of the screen, there are 3 stacked horizontal bars. Click and scroll down. Click on the Show more option that is underneath Events, Reminders and Goals. You will now see Masjid AlRasool AlAkram-1God.org. Select it. 


5. Next, scroll down to Settings.

Click on Masjid AlRasool AlAkram-1God.org.

The first option is Sync. Turn it on.

The next option is Default notification. Either let it be 1 hour before or however many numbers of minutes prior to the program you wish to be notified. The masjid's notification will be sent out 1 hour before the program but you can choose to control it from your end.

Hopefully, these Step by Step directions will help!


You may speak to any of the volunteers at Masjid who will assist you, should you face any issues.


For desktop/computer users:

Simply click on the link 



You will be directed to the masjid's calendar. At the end of the of screen, there is a button + Google Calendar. Click on it  


REMEMBER: The Masjid Calendar will be updated MONTHLY after the moonsighting. 

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